An end-to-end, Teaglebee solution includes:

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Comprehensive Strategy Development
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Complete website overhaul or redesign
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Hubspot Marketing Software
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On-page and off-page SEO
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Content creation
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Social Media Marketing
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Closed-Loop Lead Gen/Conversion Analysis

What is Inbound Marketing?

Inbound Marketing takes everything you knew about traditional advertising and marketing and turns it on its head.
Instead of constantly bombarding your target market with costly ads, radio, direct-mail, banner and pop-up ads and the like, Attraction-Based, Inbound Marketing sets out to build lasting, trusted relationships between you and your potential clients and customers. By first attracting people to your website using remarkable, valuable content, you can then keep them engaged through ongoing conversations and interactions using myriad social media sites as well as ongoing email communications. As you become a trusted resource and the relationship grows, converting them to sales becomes easier and, ultimately, far more efficient than ever before.
A fun video lampoons the pitfalls of traditional marketing and how Inbound Marketing can save the day!

What's involved in Inbound Marketing?

Like any good marketing plan, it all begins with a solid strategy. Who are your customers? What do they like? What are they like? What do they want? We work closely with you to answer these questions and perhaps offer some insights.
Next we look closely at your website. SEO as it's called. We comb through it page-by-page, word-by-word, image-by-image to ensure everything is in place to help move your site to the top in search engine organic results. If an overhaul or even a complete redesign is in order, we can help there as well.
Now comes the exciting, creative part: content creation! Working closely with you, Teaglebee's writers and art directors will help create the remarkable content your target market craves. Free offers, white papers, eBooks, How-To guides, downloadable desktops and wallpapers and so much more.
Now it's time to spread the word about all this new content. Enter Social Media. Arguably the most powerful tool in a marketers arsenal, Teaglebee will develop a comprehensive social media marketing plan, establish "brand-right" pages and work those pages to keep the content fresh, build fans and encourage those fans to spread the word about your brand. It won't happen overnight, but before long, you can count on having a thriving, robust community of people who actually enjoy interacting with your brand on a daily basis.
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For a true, step-by-step guide to Inbound Marketing, download a free copy of our 2011 Online Marketing Blueprint right now.